A/R System Overview

Rapid Funding

CBF purchases your receivables advancing your business cash and we purchase new invoices on a daily basis.


You receive a lump sum payment, less a reasonable amount for doubtful accounts.


Our program is invisible to our client's customer base. Services are performed with minimal third party intervention.


CBF offers customized financing to match your specific needs. No long term contracts and no requirements to finance your entire customer base.


Our products include: Asset Based Loans, Inventory Financing, Purchase Order Funding and Invoice Purchasing.

A message from Marcia Selfridge, Vice President Client Relations and 20-year industry veteran.
“We are a customer service organization first and a financing company second. Our priority is to provide a level of customer service to our Clients that is the best in the industry. Our programs are designed with the flexibility to meet the individual needs of our Clients.”

How does Florida Accounts Receivable financing benefit your business?

  • Increases cash flow both on the initial and ongoing purchase of receivables
  • Receivables revenue can be used to finance sales growth, take discounts on purchases, purchase inventory, or make capital improvements.
  • Flexible credit terms give your business a competitive edge in the marketplace.
  • Significantly improve your business's collection efforts.
  • Invoice ledgering and accounting
  • Our administration of your accounts receivable saves you valuable time so you can focus on growing your business.