Working Capital For Orlando Businesses

One of the most difficult parts of starting a small business and expanding an existing business, regardless of the market or industry you may be in, is handling growth. This is compounded by conditions a business must meet to obtain financing from a traditional lender like a bank. These conditions result in many banks rejecting great Orlando businesses, referring to the business as a startup, undercapitalized, with bad owner credit or a subprime borrower. At Commercial Business Funding we focus primarily on the collateral and the most recent business financial information � few if any are turned down. Growth encompasses many factors that determine the success of a business including product, marketing, business model, vision, employees and financial resources. At Commercial Business Funding, we help our clients with one of the most important pieces of the puzzle: financial resources. Without proper working capital a business will be hampered with the growth it can sustain due to limited income and financial resources. We specialize in helping businesses of all types and sizes in Orlando grow by utilizing several different funding approaches. These include:

  • Accounts Receivable Financing
  • Business Loans on inventory and equipment
  • Non-notification Factoring
  • Purchase Order Funding

By offering different solutions to growing businesses we are here to help entrepreneurs, struggling small and medium sized businesses and those rejected by traditional lenders throughout Orlando that need additional capital to acquire the resources necessary to become more successful. Let�s take look at some of the different ways that we provide funding to businesses who otherwise might not be able to acquire necessary capital through traditional means.

Orlando Accounts Receivable Financing

One way to raise capital for a business that has a generally reliable customer base are Orlando accounts receivable financing. These facilities provide your Orlando business with a cash advance on your accounts receivables, effectively giving you an advance on future payments from your customers. We will analyze your current customer base, evaluate your business process and product and then give your company an injection of cash ahead of your normal business cycle.

This evaluation process allows you to potentially get a funding source that is unlike traditional ones which require burdensome conditions to obtain. In addition, we offer programs that will continually purchase your accounts receivable, thereby providing funding month after month to enable you to make capital investments.

Business Loans For Orlando Companies

An issue that many business owners run into is the inability to effectively build business credit to acquire the capital needed to grow your business. Some business loan requests are considered subprime business loans by the traditional lenders resulting in high level of rejection. Commercial Business Funding is here to provide you with a funding solution even when others have been unable. The terms of our financing provide our clients in Orlando with the following advantages:

  • Underwriting standards that are flexible and primarily focus on your accounts receivable and inventory which allow for a better chance at acquiring capital
  • Established lines of credit can be increased in conjunction with your rising accounts receivable and inventory balances
  • Borrowing against other assets or business inventory
  • Immediate funding as quickly as the day of the invoice

At Commercial Business Funding, we understand that it may be hard to acquire working capital for your Orlando business. With our flexible funding options, we aim at providing you with efficient and effective Orlando working capital solutions for all businesses even when others may have rejected your new financing request or imposed burdensome requirements on you.

We have relationships with bankers across the state of Florida that recognize our ability to finance businesses. We work with these financial institutions that want to provide their customers with viable secondary options to traditional financing. Our team of experts and reliable partners may be able to provide you with the capital requirements that your Orlando business needs in order to get to the next level! Visit our Melbourne Office or contact us today for more information.